Boost Your Florist Business with RedTim

The RedTim florist websites are specially designed to you gain more local online visibility.


Sell More Flowers Online With RedTim Florist Website

RedTim florist website is the perfect way to portray your business online. With unique designs and robust inbuilt tools, create your online presence in minutes! RedTim website's inbuilt dashboard provides you with a panoramic view of your site. You can create and manage the activities on your site and your inventory in one place.

No one can tell about flowers better than a florist. Create custom pages to tell your customers about the flowers you sell. Sync your website with social media platforms like Facebook, Facebook shop, and Twitter. Post all the updates you create on your website to your social media without any hassle. You can even sync your product catalog with the Facebook shop. Customers can browse using the Shop section on the Facebook business page. Any changes made to your product catalog gets synced and updated on Facebook Shop.

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A User-Friendly Website Just for the Florist

With the RedTim florist website, we made selling flowers online easy for you. Flowers are an excellent choice for any occasion. They're a favorite item for buy online. RedTim helps your clients to order flowers without leaving the comfort their zone. RedTim website gives you the flexibility of many payment options. Your customers can make payment online without any hassle. You can change the product catalog on your website from the manage portal dashboard. Whatever might be the size of your florist shop, RedTim makes sure you have a website right for you.

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All Features You Want for Your Florist Website

Keep your Florist Websites secure with RedTim

Your website domain is your online address for your storefront, and it needs to be secured. RedTim website comes with an SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer). It is a protocol that prevents unauthorized access of the data on your site.

A domain that comes with free secure hosting

RedTim website domain includes cloud web hosting services with unlimited bandwidth. We also provide you dedicated server that suit small and medium-size businesses.

Gorgeous Customizable Themes

Choose from a library of professionally-crafted themes to help get you started. You can then customize the site to optimize the theme to suit your brand need.

Easy Click-to-Edit Website Builder

Personalize your site with no coding involved! You can customize your web page by adding different page sections like contact forms. Create custom pages to add image galleries, product catalog, and more!

Get Discovered Instantly

Get your content published in one click. RedTim designs its websites for location-based discovery through search engines. Every time you update new content on the site, the website is generating a new URL and tags it to your location. It's that simple!

Send Instant Confirmation Emails

As soon as your guest book a room, they will receive a thank you email to their registered email address. The email will also include their booking details.

Flexible Templates that Give Perfect Experience on Every Device

RedTim understands florists are as unique as the flowers they sell. We have designed websites to complement your flower shop. We give you the flexibility to customize the way your site looks to represent your brand best. RedTim websites come with limitless features and customization options to increase your margins.

RedTim websites work on every device. Your customers can experience exceptional shopping experience regardless of the device they use.

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Top Question about RedTim Website for Florists

Can I use RedTim if I already have a florists website?

You cannot edit your current website using the RedTim website. With RedTim you can create a sub-domain and connect it with your existing site. The traffic will be driven to the subdomain based on the keywords. This traffic can then be pushed to your current site. You are improving the PA of the sub-domain and also the DA of the primary domain.

Will my website discoverability effect if I don’t update content?

Search Engine Optimization is based on the content you keep posting on your website. Search engines crawl your site every 36-48 hours to see if you have any updated content. The more you update your website, sooner will you rank well. RedTims' business consultant will help you with this. He will give topic suggestions, intimate you about the market trends. This data will help you update your website on a regular basis.

Will one website suffice if I have multi-location practices?

Multi-location business will need having a website for each location. Any search engine results are location specific. All the RedTim websites are tagged to a single location only. This helps you to attract geographically targeted traffic to your site. Using the dashboard, you can manage all multi-location websites from a single portal.

Do I need website analytics tools if I buy RedTim?

RedTim website comes with a data-driven analytics dashboard. It gives details about search, social, and business inquiries/ leads. You will not need purchasing any other doctor website analytics tools.

Can I buy a new domain through RedTim?

Premium domain names are not supported with RedTim website. A paid customers can buy any available domains. Most of our customer choose domain names with”.us” extension to target people in their geography.

How can the RedTim Automatic SEO feature help your florist website?

The RedTim florist websites come with plug-and-play functionality built on Automatic SEO technology. The content you publish gets automatically optimized for search results. The RedTim websites help the florist to get increased exposure on search engines.

How to create my RedTim business website?

Here is how you do it!