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Inspires Your Customers To Change Their Lifestyle with Your Gym Website

Your website is the face of your fitness destination, and it has to be perfect. A gym website should inspire your clients to jump start and call you now. With RedTim create a website to show the services your offer along with the class schedules. All RedTim websites are mobile-optimized. Regardless of what device used, RedTim templates impress and strengthen viewer engagement.

Talk to your customers more about you and your fitness studio by creating custom about pages. RedTim designs its websites for location-based discovery through search engines. Every time you update new content on the site, the website is generating a new URL and tags it to your location. You can create custom pages to target people around your geography. Search engines identify your website based on your location and your keywords. Our websites help you get matched to the most relevant people around your geography.

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Tell Your Audience About The Fitness Stories of Your Clients

In the fitness world, customers tend to be skeptical about the results. They don’t believe until they see already transformed clients. Exhibit the fitness stories of your clients to add a personal touch. People will not opt for you unless they relate to you. You can create pages to highlight all your clients’ transformation stories. When people come to your website, they can see how happy feel about your fitness club.

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Inspire People For A Healthy Lifestyle With Fitness Tips

Your website should be a platform where your clients can come back when they want fitness tips. Add videos of the exercises showing correct form of a posture. Create a custom page and add different diet plans. Post them on your social channels like Facebook and Twitter to gain more visibility. Our websites make it easy for you to stay connected with the relevant audience on social media. You can integrate and manage your social media accounts from your RedTim website. Every update you make on your website will get posted to your social channels.

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Know Your Trainer

People who come to your website will want to know about your trainers. Create a custom page that talks all about your trainers. Your trainers are your assets. You can even create custom pages to add photos and videos about your team. Showcase their qualification, achievements, experience and more. Include testimonials of clients talking about your trainers. Your trainers are the face of your brand, and they are also one of the reasons why your clients will choose you.

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All You Need To Take Your Fitness Studio To The Next Level

Create your custom pages

Create everything your clients need to know about you in a few clicks. No limit. No restrictions. Create custom pages that would talk more about your fitness studio. Upload your client portfolio, details about your trainer, and share your latest offers. You can also launch fitness challenges to inspire more customers

Social sharing made easy

Increase the visibility of your fitness club on Facebook and Twitter. You can sync your website with your social media platforms. Post your photo gallery, newsletters, special offers etc.

BMI calculator on the website

People usually go online to calculate their BMI. RedTim websites for Gym comes with an inbuilt BMI calculator. Get more visitors to your website and boost your online visibility.

Give your business a domain name

Register your domain with RedTim and get unlimited hosting space. You can choose from multiple domain options provided by us that would suit your brand.

Create content the engages your customers

RedTim websites come with inbuilt SEO solution. It helps you to optimize the content on your website for search results and rankings. Better the content, more customer engagement.

24/7 customer support

RedTim’s 24/7 website consultant will help you manage your web presence whenever you need. We are available round-the-clock to help you cater to your customers better.

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Top Question about RedTim Website for Gyms

Can I use RedTim if I already have a gym website?

You cannot edit your current website using the RedTim website. With RedTim you can create a sub-domain and connect it with your existing site. The traffic will be driven to the subdomain based on the keywords. This traffic can then be pushed to your current site. You are improving the PA of the sub-domain and also the DA of the primary domain.

Will my website discoverability effect if I don’t update content?

Search Engine Optimization is based on the content you keep posting on your website. Search engines crawl your site every 36-48 hours to see if you have any updated content. The more you update your website, sooner will you rank well. RedTims' business consultant will help you with this. He will give topic suggestions, intimate you about the market trends. This data will help you update your website on a regular basis.

Will one website suffice if I have multi-location practices?

Multi-location business will need having a website for each location. Any search engine results are location specific. All the RedTim websites are tagged to a single location only. This helps you to attract geographically targeted traffic to your site. Using the dashboard, you can manage all multi-location websites from a single portal.

Do I need website analytics tools if I buy RedTim?

RedTim website comes with a data-driven analytics dashboard. It gives details about search, social, and business inquiries/ leads. You will not need purchasing any other doctor website analytics tools.

Can I buy a new domain through RedTim?

Premium domain names are not supported with RedTim website. A paid customers can buy any available domains. Most of our customer choose domain names with”.us” extension to target people in their geography.

How can the RedTim Automatic SEO feature help your gym website?

The RedTim gym websites come with plug-and-play functionality built on Automatic SEO technology. The content you publish gets automatically optimized for search results. The RedTim websites help the gyms to get increased exposure on search engines.

How to create my RedTim business website?

Here is how you do it!