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Elegant Designs for Every Type of Property

Whether you are a motel, apartment rental or a hotel, we have templates for your unique getaway.

Responsive Design

RedTim designs it themes to drive people to make a booking on your hotel website. We ensure our themes would give extraordinary navigational experience to your visitors.

Social Media Auto Sharing

With RedTim website, you can even leverage social channels like Facebook, and Twitter. You can post your property's events, photo gallery, newsletters, special offers and more. These will get synced with your social media from your website. We help you to build your brand visibility on social media from your site. Being able to reach more people on social media, you can have your brand distributed by your viewers.

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All-in-One Online Hotel Booking Engine

Room Inventory Management

RedTim website have an inbuilt vendor management dashboard. Using it, you can keep track of all the online activities, see availability at a glance and much more.

Create Flexible Pricing Options

You can set and showcase the offers and seasonal promotions to match the price demand.

Payment Gateway

RedTim website comes with many payment options. Your customers can make payment online without any hassle.

Take Bookings from Any Device

All RedTim websites are mobile optimized. No matter what device your guest is using, they will get a seamless booking experience.

Detailed Reports on Reservations

Get a detailed report of your unique visitors, inquiries, social analytics and more. You can view all on the RedTim website manage portal at anytime.

Send Instant Confirmation Emails

As soon as your guest book a room, they will receive a thank you email to their registered email address. The email will also include their booking details.

Sync All Your Booking Channels via Channel Manager

Minimize Hotel Overbookings

RedTim hotel channel manager syncs all your reservations across all connected OTA channels. You can plan your room availability and room tariff. End manual channel management with complete real-time automation.

The Most Intuitive Dashboard

RedTim dashboard gives you a panoramic view of your entire inventory. End manual inventory management and reduce the risk of double booking. Manage inventory and rates in one place and sync it with all connected OTAs. A single dashboard gives you transparency of your online sales performance.


RedTim website channel manager helps you run analytical reports. You can track every aspect of your business like e-booking, guest details, and more. Analytical reports will help you understand the trend of your bookings. You can use this data to optimize your selling channels.

Exclusive Relationship Manager

A dedicated relationship manager will take care of all your online booking queries. He will address all the issues of your customers who would visit the website.

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Get New Guests and Keep Them Coming Back

Boost your success. Bring in new customers with our automatic SEO feature

RedTim websites are Search Engine Optimized. All our web pages come with Site Sense Keyword Widget. As and when you create a new post, Site Sense Keyword Widget maps all the related information and indexes it. So when the search engine comes to your website, it gets easy for it to understand the relevance of content. So when someone is looking for room around your geography, he will be able to see your site. Our Automatic SEO is designed for you.

Chat with Your Guests with inbuilt Chat Bot that comes with your RedTim website

The first interaction of any online visitor may be with your customer support. It has to be impressive. Show everyone how responsive you are. Sam is a perfect solution available on RedTim website. He will help you to transform your customer support. He is an inbuilt AI chatbot who would address queries of your website visitors. A dedicated relationship manager who will take care of all online booking queries. If he is unable to answer to any of the questions, he will give them your contact information. The customer can get in touch with you.

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Top Question about RedTim Hotel Websites

Can I use RedTim if I already have a Hotel website?

You cannot edit your current website using the RedTim website. With RedTim you can create a sub-domain and connect it with your existing site. The traffic will be driven to the subdomain based on the keywords. This traffic can then be pushed to your current site. You are improving the PA of the sub-domain and also the DA of the primary domain.

Will my website discoverability effect if I don’t update content?

Search Engine Optimization is based on the content you keep posting on your website. Search engines crawl your site every 36-48 hours to see if you have any updated content. The more you update your website, sooner will you rank well. RedTims' business consultant will help you with this. He will give topic suggestions, intimate you about the market trends. This data will help you update your website on a regular basis.

Will one website suffice if I have multi-location practices?

Multi-location business will need having a website for each location. Any search engine results are location specific. All the RedTim websites are tagged to a single location only. This helps you to attract geographically targeted traffic to your site. Using the dashboard, you can manage all multi-location websites from a single portal.

Do I need website analytics tools if I buy RedTim?

RedTim website comes with a data-driven analytics dashboard. It gives details about search, social, and business inquiries/ leads. You will not need purchasing any other doctor website analytics tools.

Can I buy a new domain through RedTim?

Premium domain names are not supported with RedTim website. A paid customers can buy any available domains. Most of our customer choose domain names with”.us” extension to target people in their geography.

How can the RedTim Automatic SEO feature help your Hotel website?

The RedTim Hotel websites come with plug-and-play functionality built on Automatic SEO technology. The content you publish gets automatically optimized for search results. The RedTim websites help your hotel business get increased exposure on search engines.

How to create my RedTim business website?

Here is how you do it!