How to Create A Business Website

Create a Business Website using RedTim. It is a Plug and Play website solution, makes it possible for business to gain online visibility and rank well in local search results for free.

Create Your Free Website

1. Fill In Your Business Details

We would need your company details to help your better to take your business online.

2. Select A Domain Name

Based on your business details, we will help you with the domain names for you to choose from. We understand, your domain name is your brand's online identity. We thrive to give you the best.

3. Select The Right Template

RedTIm is a plug-and-play website solution built on automatic SEO technology, It comes with predefined responsive templates that suit your business needs. Every template is mobile-friendly and is optimized for local visibilty. We ensure you are always connected with the local audience.

4. Customize Your Website

The RedTim websites are fully functional. They eliminate all your dependenies on a designer, a developer and an SEO expert. All you need to do is create content relevant to your business, rest your erbsite will take care of it.

5. Get Your Business Online

Publish your website and tell your customers about your brand. The RedTim websites helps businesses to get increased exposure on the search engines.


Fill in Your Business Details

Help Us Know Your Business Better

You are the boss! And we love to hear about your business form you. Why? Well it help us to provide the best solution for your business. The RedTim business are a plug-and-play solution based on local SEO technology. So if we know your business better, we can help you to uderstand your local audience better.

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Get the domain that will never go out of style.



Connect with millions and share the latest trends.



Build trust with this well-known and respected domain.



Select A Domain Name

Your domain name is your business’ unique identity

Your domain name is everything, for your business. It's what will bring customers to your brand and make them stay. Your domain name is the first step to create a unique online presence for your business. All RedTim websites come with a free domain name that includes cloud web hosting services with unlimited bandwidth. Register your domain with your own “.com” or other extensions and build a professional website with RedTim within minutes.

Register Your Domain

Your website is secured - we add an extra layer of security

Think about it this way. Would you invest your dollars in a business where you are not sure if your money is safe? No, right? Then why would your customer? Your website domain is your online address for your business, and it needs to be secure. The RedTim websites come with an SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer). It will ensure your customers that their data is safe with you. SSL certificate is a protocol which provides the encryption of the information on your site.

Does your business need multiple domain extensions?

We let you choose the domain extension you need for your business. RedTim understands the diversity of each company and how the domain name can impact it. It is the first thing people will see when they got to your website. We offer multiple domain extensions (like .com, .co, .org, .net etc.) to choose from and select the best domain name for your business website.


Select the Right Template

A right template can boost your user engagement

Regardless of what your business is, Redtim gives you the freedom to choose from many templates - packed with features your business may need. We are sure; you would love it. We know your business is unique and the template can't be the usual one. Choose a template that suits your business needs the best from a collection of premium and free website templates. We customize the template to help you market your brand with a style that your audience will recognize.

Choose A Template

Why does your offline business need a website?

To get more customers. Isn't this reason enough? People Google everything. Not having a business website meaning, you are losing your customers to your competitors who have one. Create a perfect first impression of your brand with your RedTim business website. RedTim offers a variety of templates to design your portfolio, blogs or corporate sites built on Automatic SEO technology.

How do you choose a template?

Your website template can tell a lot about your brand, and it needs to be perfect. It should be talking about your business to your audience. Do you provide a service or sell a product? Yes, that does make a difference. Based on what's that you are offering, select the template. It will make it easy for you to plan the navigation of your website. Regardless of what template you choose, your customers will have a seamless experience on any device without any formatting required.


Customize Your Website

Replicate your offline business to recreate your website

Your domain is ready, and you have selected a template that suits your brand the best. What next? Create a page format that would empower your online presence. You can add anything you need to reflect your brand and the needs of your business. You can create custom pages to talk about your team, a Career section - whatever you need. The best part, you can add as many pages as you want without having to worry about the formatting of each page. The RedTim web pages work on all devices, and ensure your user would get an extraordinary navigational experience. All our web pages load at the fastest pace regardless of what device your customer is using.

Create Your Website

Businesses need a flexible solution that eliminates all the dependencies.

We understand being a business owner, not necessarily you know the know-how of a website. The RedTim websites are specially designed for businesses like yours. RedTim websites are fully functional and do what it is meant to do - increase your online visibility. All you need to do is create relevant content and post regularly. All the web pages are predefined and are mobile-optimized. The RedTim website comes with a “Manage Portal” that provides a panoramic view of your entire site. You can manage your entire site right from here.

Manage Your Business Profile

Your website's Manage Portal will have a Business Profile section. Here you can add or edit information about your business like business name, description, category, location, contact details, work timings and more. Keep your business details updated for your customers to reach you quickly.

Manage Your Website Images

You can upload as many images as you want that are relevant to your business. You upload pictures for various categories like featured images, gallery images, logo images, background images, favicon images and more. The RedTim website support JPEG, PNG and.GIF file formats. You can upload bulk photos at a time and use them as and when needed. You might wonder, won't images reduce the page loading time? Well, we take care of that as well. Every picture you upload gets converted into a progressive JPEG. Meaning, even on a low-speed network your users will not experience delayed page loading time.

Manage Your Website Posts

You can even monitor all the new posts on your RedTim website's Manage Portal. You can also get the metrics such as the number of views for each post which has been posted on the site.

Manage Your Custom Web Pages

You aren't sure of how many custom pages your site may require? Well, not an issue. The RedTim websites give you the flexibility to add unlimited custom pages.

Make your products visible to your online customer

Showcase unlimited products with ease

Managing your product catalog has never been so easy. RedTim websites are dynamic. You can instantly add or customize your products using either the RedTim app or via the Manage portal. We understand the diversity of each business, and hence, provide the flexibility to add unlimited products to your catalog. There is no limit to the number or types of products you can sell on your business website.

You can even sell on Facebook from your website

Would you disagree if we said that social media is the new search engine? No, right? And, when it comes to selling products, Facebook Marketplace is gaining amidst popularity. Many local businesses are using Facebook to attract customers to their business. If you aren't actively selling on Facebook, you may be losing your customers. The RedTim websites are fully integrated with Facebook Marketplace. All you need to do is add or update your product details, images, and inventory to the product catalog on RedTim. It syncs with Facebook Marketplace. It's that simple!

Add content and your website will optimize it for the Search Engines

Content is the most critical part of your website that would tell your audience about your brand. You got to get it right. Add page components like images, videos and more that would attract your local customers. Search engines love content that's compelling and useful for the customer. Creating fresh content at a regular interval will help you to gain local visibility and improve your search engine ranking.

Automatic SEO feature helps to improve your search engine ranking

The RedTim website built on Automatic SEO technology. It helps you to get more relevant traffic to your site. Based on the content you create your RedTim website will extract the primary keywords relevant to your business. Meaning, any content you create are Search Engine Optimized. Also, whenever you post new content, it gets published with a new SEO-friendly URL. When people are searching for the product or service relevant to your business, the search engine will match your website to the search query. Essentially, we help your site to be found for relevant people.

Location-Based SEO feature improves your local visibility

Did you ever think every time you Google for something, how you usually find the details of the business relevant to your search query near your location? Well, yes, it is SEO. But, at the same time, Google recognizes your page based on the keyword used in your content along with your business location. Meaning, your web page is found in the search results related to your business in your location. RedTim understands the importance of local visibility. All the RedTim websites are optimized for location-based visibility. The SEO-friendly URL that gets generated with every new page created gets tagged with your location. Essentially, we help your business to get found in local search results.

Optimize your content based on the website insights

Now comes the most critical part of your website. Reports! Well, why is it the most important? It would actually tell you how is your website performing and what people think about your brand. Website analytics is like the result of all the efforts you did for your website. You can not only find the loopholes in your SEO strategy but can also know what the pages that are getting you traffic to your site are. And, this is why the RedTim websites come with an integrated Website Analytics tool. Meaning, you don't need to add any external professional tools. You need to login to your RedTim website's Manage Portal, and you can find all the details like - Business Enquiries, Calls, Search, Subscribers.

Business Enquiries:

If a customer has any query or wants to inquire about your business, they have an option to post a question on your website. The customer can enter details like phone number or email address. You can contact the customer either through the phone number or email address provided.


You can keep track of a total number of calls received along with the missed calls. Received calls have the complete voice recordings to ensure no details are missed. Missed calls are saved with the number of the caller.


You can analyze the search keywords used by the customer to look up the website. Based on this RedTim will provide you with the keywords for the future updates.


Once you link the site to the Facebook page, in social analytics you can see the number of customers who liked and shared your post on the Facebook page.


There is an option on the website where customers can provide their email address and subscribe to receive all the updates. The email address of the customer is added to the subscriber list. You can add your customers also to the subscription list by providing their email address. An automatic email is sent to the customers based on the updates made on your website.

Optimize your customer engagement

Sure, SEO can bring people to your website but, retaining them depends on the user engagement and the customer support on your website. If your website doesn't have enough lead engagement tools, your visitor may leave immediately without much interaction on the site. The RedTim websites also act as a lead generation tool and provide multiple ways you can engage your customer. Ultimately, isn't this why you created your business website? - to generate leads.

1. Contact Forms

The RedTim website comes with strategically placed contact forms on each page. We help you to generate leads from your website. People won't fill in the form unless they are genuinely interested in your business. Having a contact form on all your web pages not only helps you to gauge who is your potential customer but also makes it easy for the visitor to contact you.

2. All-in-one Online Booking Engine

Your online booking engine is like your personal assistant that would keep track of transactions that happen within your website. It comes with a couple of unique features that can make handling your business a cake walk.

Inventory Management Tool

The RedTim websites provide you with an option of integrating vendor management dashboard. How is it useful? Well, first of you don't have to figure out if the vendor management tool you choose is compatible with your website or not. And, then suppose you sell products on your site, you can keep track of all the online activities at a glance.

Create Flexible Pricing Options

Well, no business has the same pricing throughout the year. The RedTim website gives you the flexibility to showcase seasonal promotions and set the offers to match the price demand.

Payment Gateway

It's your business, so you are the one who needs to decide how you want your customers to pay for the product or service you provide. We provide you with many payment options to choose from for your customers to make an online payment without any hassle.

Detailed Reports on Purchases

Having a record of the number of purchases that happened each month would help you to track your ROI and set goals. You can get detailed reports of unique visitors, inquiries, social analytics and more from the RedTim website manage portal at any time.

Send Instant Confirmation Emails

As soon as your customer makes a purchase, they will receive a thank you email to their registered email address. The email will also include their purchase details.

Secure Online Appointment Form

Do you provide a service where people may have to take an appointment and visit your business location? Well, we have a solution for you as well. The RedTim websites come with an easy-to-complete book an appointment feature. The appointment form gets synced with your Google calendar. Each time some schedules an appointment or a demo with you, you would be updated about it. Also, an autoresponder confirmation email would be sent to the customer.

3. Chat with Your Website Visitors with an inbuilt AI Chatbot

Your RedTim website makes it easy for you to show your customers that you are responsive and available when they need you. Unlike your brick and mortar store, your site is open 24/7. Sam is a perfect customer support solution possible on the RedTim website. He is an inbuilt AI chatbot - your dedicated relationship manager and would help you answer all the inquiries of your customer who landed on your site.

Social Media Auto Sharing

Enhance your online visibility by keeping your visitors in the loop by adding social buttons to your Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and more. You can manage your social media channels from your site. Every update you make on your website gets shared on your social channels. You can even include social buttons on your contact page, website header and footer, so people who come to your website will have lots of opportunities to connect. It's that simple!


Get Your Business Online

Your customers are waiting for you

So, what next once your website is ready? Go, publish it! Tell your audience about your business and engage them on your RedTim website. Don't worry; we are there to support you.

Create Your Website

We will take care of your SEO

Sure, your RedTim website is built on Automatic SEO technology. But, how exactly would it be helping your SEO? Well, it will be doing a lot more than you could expect.

Keyword Research

You don’t need any SEO experience to do your keyword research. Your website will do it for you. Based on the content you post, your RedTim website will extract the primary keyword relevant to your business. You will get a report of the keywords that your website is ranking for along with similar keywords relevant to your business. Furthermore, you will also get topic suggestions for you to write content.

Site Map Generator

The RedTim’s SEO technology generates and updates XML sitemaps in real-time to ensure search engines have quality links to your website. You don't have to spend extra bucks for sitemap plugins or software. Your RedTim business website automatically generates a sitemap to help search engines to understand and identify your site better.

Internal Link Building

Every URL generated gets linked to internally to other pages on the website with the similar keyword. So, when a visitors follow a link and lands on your page to find some information, the site will also show him all the content relevant to his search query. It helps you to keep your customer on your website for a long time boosting your customer engagement.

We will help you with your business listings

Your business listings are like a snapshot of your website. It is like another business opportunity to attract your local customers. Based on your details like Name, Address and Phone number on your site, we register your company on different listings like Google My Business.

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